Career Award Italy Percussive Arts Society – 2016

Italy Percussive Arts Society is happy to announce the awarded artists of 2016:

The Career Award 2016 was given to: Dom Famularo & Áskell Másson


The Career Award is assigned to artists who
have distinguished themselves in a different
way but with a single purpose: to contribute
to the growth of technical, artistic and compositional
and to pedagogues most representative
in the history of percussion instruments.
The Career Award is also assigned to companies
that for years have dedicated themselves
to improve the quality of percussion instruments.


Conceived by Antonio Santangelo and created
by sculptor Antonio Torquato Lo Mele, the Career
Award shows a symbolic musical notation configured
in the shape of arc, in which the sun as a
percussionist plays two timpani in the background
of a clear sky. The image is an obvious metaphor
for the musical creativity: the concrete signs
of nature and human culture are imagined slide
on a pentagram, beating a primordial rhythm generated
by the sun, the source of life and energy.


2010 John H. Beck (USA) & André Adams (Netherlands)
2011 Ruud Wiener (Netherlands)
2012 Rick Latham (USA) & Claudio Romano (Itay)
2013 David Friedman (USA)
2014 Emmanuel Séjourné (France) & ZORO (USA)
2015 Anders Åstrand (Sweden )

Download the picture:

Dom Famularo – Career Award 2016

Áskell Másson – Career Award 2016

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