Winners 2017

We love to announce the winners-list of 2017 here on

The winners of the 15th edition of the Italy Percussion Competiton are:


Jury: Gordon Stout, Carolina Alcaraz, Jeanni Zhang

cat. A

1st Prize abs. 100/100 Hedi Yang (China)
2nd Prize Jinwei Zhang (China)
3rd Prize Sara Merisca (Romania)

cat. B

1st Prize Nežka Prosenjak (Slovenia)
1st Prize Jingxue Ren (China)
3rd Prize Gaku Ueno (Japan)

cat. C

1st Prize – No winner
2nd Prize Pereira Tristan (France)
3rd Prize Ling Lu (Taiwan)


Jury: David Friedman, Philippe Spiesser, Alexey Chizhik

cat. A

1st Prize abs. Adam Świstulski (Poland)
2nd Prize Kajetan Skoneczny (Poland) & Jeremias Zöhrer (Austria)
3rd Prize Petr Nikonov (Russia)

cat. B

1st Prize No winner
2nd Prize Gloria Yehilevsky (USA)
3rd Prize Edoardo G. Parente (Italy)

cat. C

1st Prize No winner
2nd Prize Tomi Emilov (Bulgaria) & Arthur Bechet (France)
3rd Prize Louis Lebreton (France)


1st Prize Lucas Dorado (Switzerland)
2nd Prize Michał Puchowski (Poland)
2nd Prize Marcin Pater (Poland)
3rd Prize No winner


Jury: John Wooton, Markus Leoson, Frédéric Macarez

cat. A

1st Prize Marco Santos (Portugal)
2nd Prize Sang Min Oh (South Korea)
3rd Prize Anna Wojtas (Poland)

cat. B

1st Prize abs. Ririko Abe (Japan)
2nd Prize Daniel Araújo (Portugal)
3rd Prize No Winner

cat. C

1st Prize Salvador Ribes Mut (Spain)
2nd Prize Kolics Máté (Hungary)
3rd Prize Gioele Balestrini (Italy) & Tomi Emilov (Bulgaria)


Jury: Frédéric Macarez, John Wooton, Markus Leoson

cat. A

1st Prize Xida LU (China)
2nd Prize Anna Wojtas (Poland)
3rd Prize No Winner

cat. B

1st Prize Latypov Allaiar (Russia)
2nd Prize Simon Landqvist (Sweden)
3rd Prize No Winner

cat. C

1st Prize No Winner
2nd Prize Tamas Szalai (Hungary)
2nd Prize Aleksander Raknes Ulriksen (Norway)
3rd Prize No Winner


Jury: Dom Famularo, Rick Laatham, Marco Iannetta

cat. A

1st Prize abs. Luca Cravero (Italy)
2nd Prize Oscar Martin Del Rio (Italy)
3rd Prize Manuel Pierangeli (Italy)

cat. B

1st Prize abs. Alessio Del Ben (Italy)
2nd Prize Emanuele Giorgetti (Italy)
3rd Prize No Winner

cat. C

1st Prize abs. Michele Santoleri (Italy)
2nd Prize Emanuele Cossu (Italy)
3rd Prize Stefanos Meletiou (Cyprus)


Jury: Eckhard Kopetzki, Gordon Stout, Frédéric Macarez, Markus Leoson, Richard LeVan (HoneyRock Pub.)

cat. A

2nd Prize Fumihiro Ono (Japan)
2nd Prize José Antonio Moreno Romero (Spain)

cat. D

2nd Prize Anzalone Bradley Michal (USA)
3rd Prize Maxime Bassa (France)
3rd Prize Hamit Yokus (Turkey)

cat. B-C-E No winners


We thank all participants of our events and wish them a lucky and good future!

Thank you very much for beeing with us in Montesilvano again!


Antonio Santangelo (President Italy PAS) &

Maria Vittorio (Vice President Italy PAS)

Claudio Santangelo (Artistic Director DoP)

& our precious Staff: – Luca Ventura, Albin Brocks, Gabriele Balsamo,
& Erika Secondino (Offical Photographer 2016


We thank all the great artists, that made their way to our events to share music and passion and create together an atmosphere of respect and joy.

Last but not least a very huge thank you to our partners:

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