Winners 2018

We love to announce the winners-list of 2018 here on

The winners of the 16th edition of the Italy Percussion Competiton are:


Jury: Gordon Stout, Jeanni Zhang, Ruud Wiener

cat. A

1st Prize Abs. Natsuko Ozaki (Japan)
2nd Prize Yu-Chen HO (China)

cat. B

1st Prize Abs. Ririko Sakaguchi (Japan)
1st Prize Wei-Hsin Huang (China)
2rd Prize Ujjal Bhattacharyya (USA) & Yuri Hiramitsu (Japan)

cat. C

1st Prize Yukari Yagi (Japan)
2nd Prize Miki Yokoi (Japan)
3rd Prize Miki Matsuzawa (Japan)


Jury: Jerry Tachoir, Alexey Chizhik, Ruud Wiener

cat. A

1st Prize abs. Tymon K. Janusiewicz (Poland)
2nd Prize Patryk Szczechowski (Poland)
3rd Prize Szymon Brillowski (Poland)

cat. B

1st Prize Allaiar Latypov (Russia)
2nd Prize Fidel Zaldumbide (Ecuador) & Marcel Morikawa (Germany)
3rd Prize Antonella Fazio (Italy)

cat. C

1st Prize No winner
2nd Prize Attila Szekér (Hungary) & Fernando G. Castillo (Spain)


Jury: Eckhard Kopetzki, Markus Leoson, Marinus Komst

cat. A

1st Prize Csombor Kerek (Hungary)

cat. B

1st Prize Rosset Youri (Switzerland)
2nd Prize Carlos R. Amondarain (Spain) & Jakob Bik (Austria)
3rd Prize Kenichi Ogata (Japan)

cat. C

1st Prize No winner
2nd Prize Fernando G. Castillo (Spain)
3rd Prize Derlis Duarte Nunez (Argentine)


Jury: Marinus Komst, Markus Leoson, Eckhard Kopetzki

cat. A

1st Prize No winner
2nd Prize Francesco Lupo (Italy) & Szymon Brillowski (Poland)
3rd Prize Tolga Anlar (Turkey)

cat. B

1st Prize Levente Tóth (Hungary)
2nd Prize Aya Masui (Japan)
3rd Prize Nikolaus Aicher (Germany)

cat. C

1st Prize Tomomi Nozaki (Japan)
2nd Prize Erik Lengyel (Hungary)
3nd Prize Shuhei Yoshida (Japan)


Jury: E. Kopetzki, Richard LeVan(HoneyRock), G.Stout, R. Wiener, M. Leoson

cat. A-B-C No winners

cat. D

3nd Prize Fumihiro Ono (Japan)

cat. E

3rd Prize Greg A Steinke (USA)

We thank all participants of our events and wish them a lucky and good future!

Thank you very much for beeing with us in Montesilvano again!


Antonio Santangelo (President Italy PAS) &

Maria Vittorio (Vice President Italy PAS)

Claudio Santangelo (Artistic Director DoP)

& our precious Staff: – Luca Ventura, Albin Brocks, Gabriele Balsamo,
& Erika Secondino (Offical Photographer 2016


We thank all the great artists, that made their way to our events to share music and passion and create together an atmosphere of respect and joy.

Last but not least a very huge thank you to our partners:

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